Two weekends ago, a group of friends and I went to the top of Pichincha Mountain, by means of the Teleférico. Teleférico is a gondola type cable car that departs from Quito, around 9,000 ft and travels to a point on the mountain around 13,000 ft. From there you can hike around or even go to the very top of the mountain! That endeavor will be done soon! 🙂

We got to the top, like tourists we took a million pictures everywhere. On the ride up though, the gondola stopped, leaving us swaying in the wind at over 9,000 ft in the air. Now that was terrifying… Anyways the view made up for it!

We hiked around, enjoyed the view, and soon enough we were horse back riding. $9 for 45 minute guided tour of the surrounding volcanoes. It was amazing, but freezing. The people gave us panchos to wear for the duration of the ride. After a few scares of being bucked off my horse, we were back and eating some awesome street food, made right at the top of the mountain. Now that’s Ecua.

What a fun Sunday, and all done before 1pm!



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