Mitad del Mundo

Today, Amanda, Emily, and I went to Mitad del Mundo, which translates into “Middle of the World.” We went to the equator!

I had seen everyone else’s photos on Facebook from the Mitad, so honestly I was not that excited to go. A big secret down here is that the monument that I went to today is actually not the real equator. It’s just the monument. The actual equator is about a mile away. We were too lazy to take the one mile walk, so this is what you get!

We had a nice lunch and walked around and saw all the little stores and tourists. Who can say they have been in both hemispheres at the same time…kind of?




Two weekends ago, a group of friends and I went to the top of Pichincha Mountain, by means of the Teleférico. Teleférico is a gondola type cable car that departs from Quito, around 9,000 ft and travels to a point on the mountain around 13,000 ft. From there you can hike around or even go to the very top of the mountain! That endeavor will be done soon! 🙂

We got to the top, like tourists we took a million pictures everywhere. On the ride up though, the gondola stopped, leaving us swaying in the wind at over 9,000 ft in the air. Now that was terrifying… Anyways the view made up for it!

We hiked around, enjoyed the view, and soon enough we were horse back riding. $9 for 45 minute guided tour of the surrounding volcanoes. It was amazing, but freezing. The people gave us panchos to wear for the duration of the ride. After a few scares of being bucked off my horse, we were back and eating some awesome street food, made right at the top of the mountain. Now that’s Ecua.

What a fun Sunday, and all done before 1pm!


Parque Metropolitano

On Sunday, Cinthya, Alex, their cousin Michael, and I decided to go to Parque Metropolitano with the crazy dog from next door. I don’t understand the name as the park is not metropolitan at all. It is literally a forest in some areas and open spaces of grass and statues. Looks kind of like The Hunger Games for those of you who saw the movie. I’m not ashamed. I saw it!

Anyways, we took Rex along with us. He is a nightmare in his caged area, and he’s a nightmare outside of his caged area. Being a nightmare and a German Shepherd; we were a disaster waiting to happen. We walked around the neighborhood for a little to maybe calm Rex down. Nothing really helped, until we hopped on the bus. Yes, Rex went on the bus. He was actually more calm on the bus than in the streets.


We made it into the park and slowly wandered off the concrete path, onto a smaller more forested trail. A lot of the trees were a bright yellow color, as if they had been painted, but they were naturally that bright. I forgot to get a picture of the trees specifically. Cinthya also showed me a plant they use here to help with colds and sinuses. It smelled really good!

Rex got a little frisky with Alex along the way. If you know what I mean. 😉


We walked a little bit further to a viewpoint of the valley, where my school is located. It’s on the east side of Quito. It was a really windy day, especially on the side of a mountain.

There were a ton of dogs running around, mostly which were Schnauzers. I thought that was pretty interesting. I think Schnauzers here are America’s Golden Retrievers or Yellow Labs. Only a dog lady would know! 😉

A little further down the trail I was greeted by a pleasant surprise!


I really wanted to pet and feed the llama, but I was a bit scared to be honest. They guys said that they spit and I was not looking to get a big luigi to the face. Cinthya told me they were nice and after facing the fears, I was feeding a llama!


Wow!! I got to feed a llama! Even thought it was tied up, it was still cool to do that. A little further down the hill there were more llamas, including babies. International baby animals are one of my weaknesses. (Ex: puppies in Honduras, tortugitas in Mexico, etc.) They looked like little Bambis, but llamas instead. Mom, don’t be mad if I capture one and bring it home!


After seeing the vegetation, mishaps with Rex, beautiful views of the valley, and llamas, I was exhausted! I bought a a delicious strawberry ice cream, while the other three ate a bean ceviche, which I was not fond of. When we finished our snacks we headed home sweet home. I’d say my Parque Metropolitano experience was a success. I even saw a turtle… kind of. 🙂




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