My School Schedule

After my second day of school, I’ve now experienced all of my classes. Most of them seem great. One of them seems… not so great. Another downside, I couldn’t find two of my books at the book store, both for my business classes. Great.

Monday & Wednesday

Cultura Ecuatoriana at 1pm. This seems like a really interesting class. We have to go to a couple of museums as homework and it’s a class full of gringos so I don’t feel so alone. Thank god. Emily and Amanda are in this one, so I think it should be a good time! By the way… just so everyone can be jealous. My book was $9.74. Say what SDSU!?! A lot of the classes use spiral bound books printed at the University to help students save money and also help the school save paper and only printing books on demand.

Tuesday & Thursday

Sociología Rural at 10am. THIS CLASS ROCKS! With all my experiences working in Honduras, I feel like I’m able to bring a lot of knowledge into this classroom. The teacher is an American dude, who did a lot of research in Cotopaxi. (Huge volcano mountain close to Quito. I can see it on the way to school and it’s covered in snow!) He came back and basically started the University. He claims his ID# is 7. Who knows, but we also have a field trip up to a rural community within the Cotopaxi area. Can’t wait!

Administración de Operaciones at 11:30am. I never want to return to this class ever again. This class makes me want to die. I’m the only gringa in the class, which is prime target for using me as an example to the class, when I don’t even understand what is going on. None of the students were very friendly, and the teacher was constantly picking on me, as all the students laughed when I said anything because I didn’t understand what the teacher was asking, so I was saying stuff wrong. AWESOME. Being the only gringa in a class that’s very hard to understand, shouldn’t mean pick on her all the time. It should mean help her understand more. kthanks. But the material seems hard only because I don’t have the book yet. Once I have the book I’m golden.

Negociacioón at 1pm. Yet again I’m the only gringa, but this class was a lot better. I didn’t get singled out and thrown into the flames like the other class. Obviously the teacher asked where I was from and what not, but it was easy going and not scary. Then he continued to tell the class how great California is and how the weather is beautiful. Que bien! This class seems like it has a lot of reading, but I also thing a lot of it will be common sense, something a gringa like me has!



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