Bus (Post #1, I’m sure there will be more to come)

Leaving school on Thursday was just like any other day that week. Emily, Amanda, and I walked down to the green busses. We are slowly learning the bus systems here, but the green ones go back to where we need to be. They cost $0.25 each time you hop on a bus and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favorite parts about this city so far!

Back to the story. At each stop it’s common knowledge that someone is going to get on the bus and start selling something. Whether it be ice creams, peanuts, chocolates, or parasite protection pills. Yes, I just said parasite protection pills. Usually it is just little kids who get on and sell candy, but this time a man got on an whipped out a notebook filled with photos.  Warning: The following maybe somewhat descriptive. He flipped through the pages of parasites and worms found in people. There were actual photos of parasites coming out of peoples’ behinds. It was unreal. The next thing you know he’s holding a tube with a parasitic worm in it! Que asco! (How gross!) My host family said that was a little weird, because mostly people just sell chocolate or some type of sweet. What an interesting bus ride home! Probably more to come!



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