Imigración y La Mariscal

Friday we went to the Immigration office, so that we can legal within Ecuadorian lines. What a process! The girls, Amanda F., Chanika, Amanda S., Kristen, and Emily, and Lula (la mejor host mama) went together. After waiting for quite a long time, we were finally done. I think it was around 2 hours, but I didn’t even notice because we were talking and also found out that there is Solitaire on the brick phones. Score!!

After that errand, Kristen, Chanika, Amanda F. and I walked down to La Mariscal and the Plaza Foch. La Mariscal is where most of the tourists go to party and go to restaurants, but there are also a lot of Ecuadorians too. We were there during the day, so there wasn’t a lot going on.

We decided to eat at a little place called The Tarzan. Qué rico! It was so cheap and such great food. Most places around here have “Almuerzos” and these are lunch specials ranging from $1.75-$2.50. It comes with juice, soup, rice, some sort of meat, and a dessert. How amazing is that! Naturally I didn’t order that. I ordered burritos. Who would have thought 🙂 Anyways, the girls ordered tortilla and some type of Ecuadorian chicken, corn, and potato soup. Amanda and I also decided on some super fresh blended margaritas and the other two got fresh lemonade.

Ecuadorian Soup con pollo, maiz y papa

Sopa de Tortilla

After we finished eating, we hopped on a bus and were back to La Casa de Amanda. We had two options of getting back to the house once we got to the bus station. Walk or take another bus. Walking was the final choice. Being confident Ecuadorianas and all, we totally knew where we were going….. Right? Anyways we got lost. Hopping in a taxi and for a $1 ride, found out we were just one street away. Ding Dongs!

I decided to go home, so we called another taxi, and I was on my way. Only to find out he was driving all over the place to up the meter price. What a jerk! On the upside, I did find a coin purse wedged in between the seats when I was looking for the seat belt bucket. Score again! So I paid him $2.75 with the new change that I found. I am genius. I get home and my key doesn’t work. Ecuadorian lock…. y u no open!?!? I was outside freezing for about ten minutes when I found out Cinthya was inside. Duh! But I did get a chance to talk to this guy again 🙂 Rex

Later that night, we went out again to La Mariscal. At night it is a huge CF! It was cool and interesting up until I couldn’t even move in the bar. I was over it. I will go there again, but at least I know what to expect. La Mariscal is the place to be on Friday and Saturday  nights. Maybe I’ll go on a Thursday!



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