Travel Woes



There I was all packed and ready for my big adventure! Soon to turn terrible…The Delta clerk in San Diego was not a very nice man and made me check one of my carryon bags, while other people were allowed more than one. Hmmm…interesting.

During my flight to Atlanta, I felt feverish and continued to feel feverish all the way to Quito. The second plane ride was not very pleasant. We flew through a lightening storm and I felt like I was going to die because of my fever. But I did get to watch Hunger Games, which was really awesome!

Once in the Quito airport, I waited and waited and waited for my bags. I was thinking no way did they lose all my bags, including the one that the jerk in San DIego made me check. Finally the bags came, and my host family was there waiting for me! They are so nice. Lula, my mama, Cinthia, mi hermana, y Alejandro, mi hermano. We sat up and talked for a while until my fever coaxed me to bed. They loved the gifts I brought for them; See’s Candies and a bottle of red, white, and blue Chandon champagne. 

Finally in bed after Facetiming Mom and Craig, this cute little guy would not stop barking all night outside my window! YEAH! What a nice little fella! 


Anyways, I’m here in Quito and I’m safe and excited to see what is going to happen the rest of my time here! 



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